Some Updates

Heya Peeps,

Happy 2013! Just to let you know that we’re kinda dead. I think it would be apt to describe it as being comatose :p

So..dont expect much from us for the time being and im sorry for the disappearance and unreplied communications :/

May the best of yesterday be the worst of tomorrow !


Group News

Hi Guys!

I’m finally motivated to move my lazy ass bum and give you some updates. Though i don’t really think it’s good news. After much deliberation we have decided to indefinitely drop Ubel Blatt. But the good news is that another group will be continuing it. So no worries on that, the ball is in their court now.

We will stick around and do some other projects. We are looking for Jap->Eng Translators and Cleaners. Join Us!

For those of you who have been asking, to download the chapters you can always check the below link. Great effort on that guy’s part!

Guess that’s it. No Ubel on March but there is a chapter on -i think- the 25th of April. What do you think of the new plot guys? Will our dear hero kill all of Lebellond’s children one by one?

– Myrtas


p.s: no cool pix this time. too lazy. you find some and post in the comments :p



Ubel Update

Hi Guys,

I guess this announcement was delayed long enough :3. Chapter 102 was already released by another group. You can read it online here. No, they did not tell us about it nor did we have any idea they were doing it. We are just as surprised as you are. As this goes against my principle of efficiency, we will not do a ch.102 as it is already available in a decent quality. No point of different groups working on the same manga; waste of resources.

Ubel is on break for March. So no ch this month. April ch should come out on the 25th. We might be doing it. I’m not sure. Anyway, we’ll see what happens.

Cheers =3


food for thought.


p.s: for those who are into sci-fi/fantasy, check out this awesome book which i completed in a marathon. Well recommended.


Ubel Blatt ch101

Persumebly, the above had a role in the streak of bad luck that came with this release...

Hi Guys. Chapter 101 is finally here. Don’t know whether to review as to avoid spoilers. This chapter was late :/ If you want to do something about it, then how about applying as a cleaner. We urgently need some.

In other news, Guerood has change to Gerold. Now this name makes more sense. More westernized/latinish…etc. Atleast, one knows how to pronounce it.

If you like this manga and wish for it to avoid the axe, then how about supporting the author by buying his orignal work.

Amazon France  |  Amazon Italy  |  Amazon Japan

Please note it does not have to be from amazon…

To the fans who visit this site and actually do know that it exists , thanks for the support =)


MF  |  Batoto

Thanks goes to the peeps in Japanzai for their kind assistance


About them links…

As you probably all heard, Megaupload is dead  ( even though they having this 109.236.google it  thingy).

Therefore we won’t be using them for mirrors, and probably rely simply on MF until it gets nuked as well.

So If you see a dead MU link, ignore it until we eventually reupload everything we released on MF  in the project page.

I say eventually because There’s always Mangatrader , and if you don’t like registering, check out Crazy’s , they have it all there.

That is all.


Ubel Blatt ch100

Finally, here is it, chapter 100 of Koinzell’s journey, and this time only 3 weeks after it’s release in japan, wooo.
For this new chapter, a new editor has joined our ranks, the one they call Perky, so hurray for Perky.
Normally we slipt the translation in two, but somehow the TWO translator’s internet connection went kaput around the same time.
Tran was able to bravely emerge with a complete translation a few days ago, and here we are now.

And that’s why I’m putting out a call for backup translators. Please, help ;_;
That being said, the next chapter is out in japan in a week or two, so yay for not being every two months ?
R.I.P my pockets (shipping t3h raw is expensive D: )

MF | Batoto

PS: I case you haven’t heard earlier this month, but volume 11 of Übel will get a simultaneous release in Japan, France and Italy on Feb 9th. That’s pretty cool. So, those of you in those country, don’t forget to buy to support to artist, etc.

PPS: With this release, I learned the usefulness of not using public raws : They forget to scan some pages !

Also, don’t tell your translator to translate from public raw… that’s right, because of the missing page. This will lead to the typesetter’s utter confusion.


Ubel Blatt is Back – ch 99

29/12 – raw is on it’s way. team is gearing up. happy holidays.
28/11 – please note the date is when it will be released in japan and not the date we will be able to bring it to you. It’s Christmas + Newyear so God knows whats gonna happen..
26/11/11 – Apparently Ubel ch.100 is set to be released on 24 Dec in Big Gangan. So Gambai!
  Feast your eyes on this

Yalla Scans & Japanzai Presents

a joint scanlation production

Ubel Blatt Chapter 99

So guys, finally Ubel returns after almost a 2 years break. This time we have teamed up with the nice guys from Japanzai (check their site, they have pretty nifty stuff) to bring back this awesome series.

As far as we know, Ubel will be serialized monthly. Which means a chapter a month. So..yah. Anyway, nuff said. Enjoy =)

MF  |  DF


 RAW Providers. If you live in Japan or know someone who does, we just pretty much need you to scan the chapter on the release date xD
Also experienced Cleaners & Editors



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